How to Remove Self Tanner

NUDA How to Remove Self Tanner
Tanning mistakes can always happen and you might be new to the self tan game. You had a bad experience with sunless tanning products on the market or you had a bad spray tan (definitely not Nuda’s!) and you want to remove your fake tan ASAP? Stop stressing out, NUDA got you covered, like always! Here are our best tips to get rid of a fake tan.

Stay Away From DIY Options

You probably went into so many DIY options on the internet to wash off self tanner suggesting alternative products such as baby oil, baking soda, whitening toothpaste, brown sugar, lemon juice, baby wipes, hair removal cream, or even nail polish remover (what?!). The truth is, all these ideas are creative but not so efficient! Using these kinds of alternative products might make your fake tan even worse and also may irritate your skin especially if you have sensitive skin. We don’t want to make your skin cells cry!

Use a High-Quality Tan Remover

Using a high-quality sunless tan remover with skin-loving ingredients is the best way to get rid of a bad or old tan. Start by taking a hot and relaxing bath and then apply the Sunless Tan Remover generously all over clean and dry skin. Massage gently with an exfoliating mitt in circular motions. We recommend leaving the Tan remover on your body for 5 minutes. After relaxing, rinse off with warm water and go on with your life!

Moisturize your skin for best protection
After using a body exfoliator like the Sunless Tan Remover, we recommend applying moisturizer like our Body Cream to make sure you rehydrate your skin and protect it. 

Bonus Tip: How to Get Self Tan Off Your Hands

Ever been very satisfied with your fake tan but you messed up your hands? We know the deal! Here is how to remove your self tanner from your hands. If this ever happens again, you can use Nuda’s Sunless Tan Remover, apply it only on your hands.

You will be able to do a second application and make sure to moisturize your skin first and then apply your self tanner delicately on your hands (using a brush can also make it better). Or you could also wash your hands with the Sunless Tan Remover and leave it less than five minutes so that your tan evenly fits your hands and the rest of your body! You will never have to wonder how to get fake tan off your hands ever again!

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