Since 2017

Who are we?

NUDA is a Canadian-based business founded in 2017 by Mahay and Genevieve, two passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to provide a safe alternative to sun exposure by offering sunless tanning and skincare products that provide a natural, safe and healthy-looking tan. Both with the dream of providing a safe alternative to sun exposure and a luxurious and prestigious experience with products that are not only self tanners but also good for the skin.

They started by offering spray tan solutions and training for spray tan artists. NUDA trained over 1500 professionals! Three years later, they launched a self tanning and skincare line for home use.

Mahay (left) is always in search of the newest wellness and health trends. Following law school, she always wanted to start her own business. She has always been very passionate about skincare products, nutrition and beauty products. Her goal is to allow everyone to feel good and confident by taking care of their skin.

Geneviève (right) studied finances and developed her full potential by occupying management positions in different companies. Her previous experience allowed her to acquire essential skills to manage a growing business. She is passionate about self-development and entrepreneurship and she is living her dream by developing NUDA.


high-quality skincare and sunless tanning products
NUDA offers high-quality skincare and sunless tanning products. NUDA offers a range of luxurious, vegan friendly sunless tanning and skincare products designed for babes who want to maintain a healthy, flawless and bronzed skin all year long.
natural and naturally-derived ingredients
Our products are formulated with natural and naturally-derived ingredients to offer you a stunning complexion while taking care of your skin. We’re committed to offer you the highest quality by testing, developing and perfecting our formulas. All our products are vegan, cruelty-free, made without parabens, sulphates nor gluten.